Lake Rico Resort

  1. Lake Rico Resort A photo of Lake Rico Resort.

"Lake Rico Resort" was the name i gave it. It was 1232 Middleboro Ave., East Taunton, MA. We moved in there January First 1991. It was a great place.

When we Moved in it was Tina and I, Bridget and Bob with Linda. Tina and I had the master bedroom on the second floor in the front of the house. Bridget had one of the 8'x8' bedrooms off the dining room, the other one was Bob and I's game room. Bob and Linda had the big bedroom off the addition in the back.

Bob and I did a lot of fishing in the Lake across the street. And it wasn't long we got a couple dogs and they enjoyed running around "Lake Rico Resort".

"Lake Rico Resort" was the home of many family get togethers like bithday parties, Memorial Day, Independance Day, Labor Day, Thankgiving and Christmas.

Written by George Wilcox

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