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This Page is Dedicated to some Kool Dogs.

These Dogs lived a wonderfull life at a place I called Lake Rico Resort!

This caption is Lake Rico Resort. A photo of Lake Rico Resort.
  1. Baby was the first dog to roam the plush green pastures of Lake Rico Resort and swim the warm summer waters of its Lake. Then one hot summer day while taking a nap under a car across the street at the lake when they pulled away she didn't have time to get out the way. She lived 16 years thats 112 in a dogs life.

    Baby is a female, black with a white chest and paws. A photo of Baby the dog a med shepherd pitbull mix.
  2. Baby II, though brief lived due to cancer, made it to 125 pounds in 9 months. She did get to romp around Lake Rico Resort for a year and a half or more. Then 4 thousand dollars later the vet insisted on letting her go to dog heaven.

    Baby II is a female, brown and tan rottweiler/mix. A photo of Baby II.
  3. Kim Chi was the original Baby's partner. They played together, layed in the sun together and just enjoyed Lake Rico Resort together. If a car pulled in the drive Baby would act like a sheep herder and round Kim Chi up by the side door of the house. In the end Kim Chi had a tumor, but she lasted 20 years, that's 140 human years, until she ran in front of a truck and got squashed.

    Kim Chi is a female, white miniture poodle. A photo of Kim Chi.
  4. Misty was the last of the big dogs to enjoy the pleasantries of Lake Rico Resort. We lived there for 22 years and Misty lived there for 10 until she went to live with our son Bob in the city. Either she missed Lake Rico Resort or the smogg in the city gave the poor dog a sickness. She only lasted 2 more years. There was nothing the vet could do he tried everything to keep the poor dog alive.

    Misty is a female, all black dog, lab/mix. A photo of Misty.
  5. Cocoa is the only one left. We have had her since May 2006. She was supposed to be moma's princess, untill she pee'd on the living room carpet. Kim Chi treated Cocoa badly attacking her often. Until one day I saw Cocoa cowaring in the corner and i said "Cocoa, you want to come sit with me in my room". She ran to me and came to the back room and sat with me and hasn't left my side every since. Cocoa is now my Favorite Dog. My only Dog also.

    Cocoa is a female, all black dog, Maltese/Chihuahua. A photo of Cocoa a black Maltese/Chihuahua.
  6. Update 2020 we have a new Coco. We have had him a couple years now. Cocoa #1 died a couple years ago. We didn't rename this one Coco he came with that name. We weren't going to get another dog but Coco was a rescue dog. Bridget was looking thru the rescue dogs and saw him and her and Tina went down to check him out and he took to Tina right away so there was no choice to be made Tina decided we had to take him.

    Coco is a male, all milk chocolate colored, Minature Poodle.

Written by George Wilcox

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